Arriving 2020 a Historical Fantasy  
"Land of Rivera - Truth"       crafted by KmCarey © 2019

ZUKUS - A semi primitive tribe of mostly simple and respectful people that lived many
years ago in a region now known as
Land of Rivera. Every generation, a few are born
with the
gifts to read and conceal - the Truth.

TUZ - Shipwrecked just outside the protected cove of the Zuku encampment, only three
of the foreign explorers survived.  Two of the Three were integrated into the Zuku Tribe.
After Ten years, 3 Ships carrying Tuz settlers safely navigated to the Land of Rivera,
intent on living in harmony with the Zukus.

Land of SYM - Symlanders - blonde, blue-eyed and with varied amounts of
Wizard Blood (mostly
clean). Those that lived in the Dark Forrest of Sym?  They were
burned because of their mystical beliefs and desire to
Transition. One child, Tulare,
was saved.  When she completed her 3rd stage of
transition, her wizard blood became
dirty. It was her blood that consecrated the future Dark Wizards of LACKLAND.

- An island containing an  Academy for Special Talent.

Royal Family of RIVERA - Conquered and displaced the Zukus and Toos,
establishing the
Kingdom of Rivera within the Land of Rivera.

Royal Family of CANTER- Gifted land by the  Royal Family of Rivera for
strategic and economic purposes. The Principality of
Marina was wiped out by a tidal
wave. Most of the survivors relocated  to the isolated,
*Sucrene Valley.
Arnella and Hendrick overlooking the Sucrene Valley (front cover art ©2019)  >   

WARKINS - Domesticated four-legged beasts with distant relations to the wolf;
intelligent, loyal, athletic and potentially lethal. A pack of Warkins live inside the
<back cover art ©2019>