BANNERS  Project
When  they  filmed  a  scene for
"Gulliver's Travels"  at  the  Four
Points,   they   transformed   the  
hotel into Bermuda International
Airport.   One  of  the things they
did   was  install  banners on our
light poles  lining   the   driveway
 -    " Welcome   to   Bermuda! "
they    read    in  colorful   detail.  
I    thought    they   dressed    the
property   up  nicely  and  asked
the  boss if  we might install  our
own banners. Next  thing I knew,
I  was  in charge of our  banners
project!  I  got   a  couple of bids
and    ended    up    going    with
Britten   Banners   in   Michigan.
With    my    designs   approved,
over    the   top   help from Liz at
Britten  and  Jessie's  hardware
installation, we had the  banners
up   and   displayed  before  our
sold-out July 4th  weekend.
© 2010 KmCarey