6 days in Brazil
all photos © 2009
Kevin says:
and we throw away the clock for 6 days
only know the sun when it is up ..
and when it is down
Camil says:
you 'll ask me about the hours
Kevin says:
I feel old
and nervous
Camil says:
Kevin says:
your youth is blinding me
Camil says:
you have feel more younger
Kevin says:
Camil says:
youth is blinding me
Kevin says:
why what?
I don't know exactly
it is a double edged sword
Camil says:
do you  love me only because my youth
Kevin says:
I am attracted to your "youth"
and by "youth" .. it's not just physical ..
it's also in other ways ..
youthful - it's attractive
but ... on the other side .. is the reality ..
and when I see myself on cam ..
I know of the years that separate us ...
and I wish I could offer you the "benefits" of
age .. such as wisdom ..
but, I am without ..
I am a "man child"
Camil says:
and is this I like in you
Kevin says:
Perhaps I can offer you what has been
locked inside my soul for most of my life
Camil says:
because i not want a dad
Kevin says:
a "spirit" that yearns to be free again
Camil says:
I not want they thinking we are not in love
Kevin says:
I understand
Camil says:
I want showwwwwwww us love
if you love me
Kevin says:
and it will be a little awkward at check-in
this is like nothing you can prepare for in life
we just do it because we can
and because it is our desire
and perhaps our fate
Kevin says:
This is our first night
Camil says:
this week
Kevin says:
next week
this time
maybe I'm sleeping
Camil says:
sim (yes)
Kevin says:
maybe you too
Camil says:
you can
".. I'm going to come down baby - I'm  going to wrap you up,  muitos bejios ( many  kisses )  for  you
baby and  that's  just a start,  you see  I'm  falling  in love  - with you -  Oh  my Camila...my Camila.."
"Minha (My) Camila"    (4:00)      © 2009 kmcarey.com by  Libera
São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
Wednesday morning December 16, 2009
Welcome to São Paulo!
Look out the window as your plane descends to São Paulo's airport, and you'll see nothing but  high -
rises as far as the eye can see. It's a truly awesome sight -

São Paulo,  capital   of  the  state  of that  name and  the largest city in South America  Economically,
politically and culturally, is the most important city in Brazil -
The  coffee boom  was  startling.  Between 1901 and 1910,  coffee  made up 51% of Brazil's
total exports, far overshadowing rubber, sugar and cotton -
Wikipedia  <Our "Coffee Suite" #520 >








Carambola    or
"Starfruit" -  The tree
is cultivated
throughout   the
tropics  such  as in
Taxi view of street vendors as  we slowly make our way  to Sé Square
The Praça da Sé (Sé Square)  is  a public space in São Paulo, considered
the  center  of  town,  because  is  the  point  from  where the distancy of all
roads that pass on São Paulo are counted. The square was the location  of
many historic events in São Paulo's history, most notably during the Diretas
Já movement. The name  originates from  the episcopal see of the city,  the
São Paulo Cathedral -
In a city with nearly  11 million  inhabitants and 4.5 million  passenger cars, 32,000 taxis  and
15,000 buses,  traffic jams  more  than  100 miles long are not uncommon,  and  even  on an
ordinary day,  getting  from  one  side  of  town to the other can take two hours or more. Only
one  group  here  in  South America’s largest city  seems  immune  to those  frustrations  and
delays: the daring army of motorcycle  messengers known as “motoboys”. zigzagging  among
stopped cars,   ignoring  lane markers,   red  lights  and  stop signs,   they  regularly  menace
pedestrians  and  infuriate  motorists  as  they  zoom  their  way  down gridlocked streets and
highways,  armed  with  the  knowledge  that  without  them  business  would  grind  to  a halt.
Though  no one is sure of their exact numbers, estimates start at 120,000 and range as high
as 200,000.   “The truth is that we’re discardable,”  said Edson Agripino, 38,  a veteran of 15
years as a motoboy. ‘When a colleague gets hurt or killed, the first thing  the dispatchers ask
is, ‘Did he deliver the document?’”
My breakfast "Americano"
served at a local padaria (bakery)
"Umbrellas" - by Mila
São Paulo reflections
The reason I spent 6 days in Brazil
(Minha Mila)
Our #1 mode of
- elevator -
On my way  back to São Paulo -
Guarulhos International Airport
Monday afternoon December 21, 2009.
- The "First Day of Summer" in Brazil -
São Paulo is a great city for pedestrians, and  most neighborhoods  can easily be explored
on foot.  Just be very careful when crossing the street.  São Paulo has the highest number of
motorcycle couriers in the country,  and it's motorcycles that are responsible for  the  highest
number of pedestrian deaths. Be particularly careful when crossing in between stopped cars;
motorcycles  often  ride  at  high  speed  between lanes.  Droves of "motoboy" couriers move
deftly  through  Sao Paulo's daily  rush-hour  traffic jams  with  documents and parcels,  often
galling  motorists  with  their  risky driving.   In all,  there are about 650,000 motoboys,  mostly
poorly educated lads from the slums surrounding Sao Paulo -

It is dangerous work.  In 2006, about 380 motoboys  were killed and 9,000 injured,  according
to the Brazilian Motorcylists Association.   It's common to see a motoboy  sprawled  prone   on
the road after a smack with a car -
Summer 2009   -    “We Are As We Move On”:
Motoboys Iconomic Evolution in São Paulo
By Gilson Schwartz