E  M  I  L  Y
"Waiting" (4:14)  
Lyrics & Vocals - Emily Rose Libera
Music - Kevin Michael Libera
You ...... you're on your own now
You ...... gotta stop clowning around
And I held up way too long
and I'm a way too strong for this
Gotta suck in my pride,
turn the other cheek
Boy no tears to cry .........

You ..... left me without a word to say
And I .... think about you - oooo
every single day
Sometimes at night I dream about you
I can't sleep - no .... sleep for me tonight
Again - oooo ........

Maybe tomorrow I'll be alright
Maybe tomorrow comes will
bring some hopeful light
But until that day
I'm waiting for Mr. Right
He's out there waiting
Both waiting .......
I've been thinking about this
for a long long time
All this fighting and yelling
are bullet holes
right through my mind

And I am so much more -
somuch better than
you could ever ask for
lucky boy
perfect girl
screwed up world
All this hate


So much hate

Oh..... I'm packing my bags
Never coming back - No
It's too late for that
A way too much to ask
And I'm...... leaving
so goodbye - goodbye
Thanks for ruining my life -
stab me with knife
making me so blue ....

ahhhh...Waiting ....

Maybe tomorrow all be
alright ...
Maybe tomorrow comes will
bring some hopeful light
But until that day
I'm waiting for Mr. Right
He's out there -

Both waiting  - oooo -

Waiting -
Waiting -
Waiting ...
"I Don't Need You"   (3:27)
Lyrics & Vocals - Emily Rose Libera
Music - Kevin Michael  Libera
"Here with You"
Emily doing a jingle  -  <first professional singing job>
I am so much better now
and I, can hold up without you around -

And I don't you need tears
and I don't need your love,
after all these years,
I'm just so above it.

I don't need you

So many times I've been pushed around
heart on the ground, kicked aside
wipe up these tears I cry - no

I don't need you

You got your games to play
and I don't want to play
if I just can't win -
Someone hold me back
I want to fight - pull me apart,
I just won't last the night

They always say life isn't fair
but, I don't want to hear it

Pull me deep into your gravity
in your arms I'd like to stay
But I never know when to let go
or just to walk away

I watched you fall apart
and I'll laugh as I break your heart
Just to prove that you don't have feelings

At your funeral I'll wear red
and cry with joy
I never did need you, after all -
Everyone suit up
World War Three
Ladies let's go,
they never saw it coming -

They said we couldn't win,
well just look at him now -

And now I'm free from your gravity
and in your arms I'll never be -
Love may die but heads held high
will never fade away -

I'm sorry
Dear God forgive me
But - I'm so much better now
I don't need you
I don't need you
"Memory"   (4:00)
Lyrics & Vocals - Emily & Kevin Libera
Music - Kevin Michael  Libera
I'm  just a guy in Chicago - Chicago

I'm just a girl in LA

I've never been

And yes -
I've got this photograph of us together

yes I do

I've got that same picture on my wall -
but all in all

You were alone in the windy city -
Lost in the crowd

I found myself scattered among the crowd
You were the man in such a hurry
and no time to notice me

I noticed you , I alway knew
I would meet you one day
I always knew

oh - We don't see each other any more
Yet the time that we shared,
will not soon fade away
Oh I'll put it in my pocket  -
save it for a rainy day

These great moments
These great moments are there for us all

You were - you were - that girl
who made me wonder -  made me wonder
What life is like when you change the order

When grey skies turn into blue
and my thoughts turn to you
and I feel strong
and I know I'm never alone from now on

We had the time of our life   -     

oh yeah .....
oh yeah........

We saved our memory and said goodbye

oh yeah ..... oh yeah .......     
oh yeah ..... oh yeah .......
"Red Glasses"
6" x 6"
acrylic on canvas
Singer -  Songwriter
Em & Rachel at the 2010 Lemon Fest